• Eligibility

    Participation in the Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry is handled at the practice/organization level. The practice enters into a relationship with APTA, and enrolls its individual physical therapists into the Registry.

    Physical therapists enrolled in the Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry must:

    • Be licensed to practice physical therapy in the United States and its territories
    • Possess a National Provider Identifier (NPI)

    Participating practices/organizations are encouraged to register all physical therapist clinicians. If a practice/organization has multiple sites or locations, a subset of sites can be selected to participate, or all sites can participate. However, it is recommended that you enroll all physical therapists within a site in order to maximize the Registry’s reporting potential. PRNs and visiting practitioners are also eligible to be enrolled within your practice/organization.

    APTA membership is not a requirement of participation. However, APTA members will receive substantial fee discounts.


    APTA is pleased to offer special member pricing for those wishing to enroll in the Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry. Annual enrollment fees for APTA members are listed at $299.00 per physical therapist. Nonmembers of APTA will be charged the full annual rate of $399.00 per physical therapist. There is no charge for an administrative person to have access to the registry and its reporting features.

    Payment in full is required at time of enrollment and there will be no cancellations allowed for the Agreement period for any enrolled therapists or practices.


  • Last Updated: 4/13/2018
    Contact: registry@apta.org