• Eligibility

    Participation in the Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry is handled at the organization level. The practice enters into a relationship with APTA and enrolls its individual practitioners into the Registry.

    Practitioners enrolled in the Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry must:

    • Be licensed to practice in the United States and its territories
    • Possess a National Provider Identifier (NPI)

    Participating practices/organizations are encouraged to register all physical therapist clinicians. If a practice/organization has multiple sites or locations, a subset of sites can be selected to participate, or all sites can participate. However, it is recommended that you enroll all physical therapists within a site in order to maximize the Registry’s reporting potential. PRNs and visiting practitioners are also eligible to be enrolled within your organization.

    APTA membership is not a requirement of participation. However, APTA members receive substantial discounts on enrollment.

      Annual Fee Per Practitioner
    APTA member $299
    Nonmember $399

    There is no charge for an administrator to have access to the Registry and its reporting features.

    APTA will work with your practice to customize a program that works best to get you connected to the Registry. For more information, please contact APTA's Registry Director at registry@apta.org.

  • Last Updated: 4/20/2020
    Contact: registry@apta.org