• As the only cross-platform, nationwide physical therapy clinical registry, the Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry collects data from the profession, for the profession.

    Benefits for Physical Therapists

    Visualize Your Value

    • Benchmark and monitor your patient outcomes across quality measures.
    • Use your data to drive clinical decision making.
    • Track patient outcomes across multiple episodes of care.
    • Improve patient follow-up.
    • Support quality improvement opportunities and initiatives.

    Define Your Future

    • Maximize payment potential.
    • Realize opportunities for participation in collaborative care models.
    • Market your practice to consumers and payers.

    Benefits for Practices

    • Capture practice outcomes data for all PTs through seamless EHR integration.
    • Compare practice outcomes to the Registry’s benchmark across quality measures.
    • Multi-site practices can compare outcomes metrics and patient demographics among individual facilities.
    • Download practice- and facility-level reports from the Registry dashboard.
    • Maximize payment potential by leveraging practice data with payer groups and bundled care collaborations.
    • Improve practice EHR documentation practices.
    • Participation in the Registry demonstrates a commitment to quality patient care.

    Good to Know

    The Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry can help you elevate patient care through data-informed clinical decision making and visualize the value of your care with easy-to-use reporting tools. Joining the Registry also can help you maximize payment potential, demonstrate the value of physical therapist services, and seize opportunities to participate in collaborative care.

    Using the Registry does not increase workload on staff. Data will be extracted automatically from your EHR and transmitted directly to the Registry, which will be integrated with most major EHR products.

    The Registry allows you to: track patients across multiple episodes of care; access nonproprietary, CMS-supported outcomes measures, in addition to vendor-specific measures; and treat patients according to clinical practice guidelines using body region/disease-specific treatment and outcome modules.

    3 Reasons to Enroll

    1. It's easy.
      The Registry is user-friendly and requires little user maintenance. There is no need to reorganize your practice's workflow or develop a custom interface. The Registry directly integrates with multiple third-party electronic health record (EHR) systems to seamlessly and securely transfer data to an unprecedented database of patient episodes.
    2. It's fast.
      Practices should be able to generate their first reports within a few weeks of data transmission into the Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry. In addition to improving clinical decision making, this data can be leveraged to demonstrate value to consumers, payers, and other health care professionals.
    3. It's the future.
      The demand for quality collaborative care and demonstrated outcomes is increasing. The Registry will help clinicians maximize opportunities through Medicare's Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and similar programs.
  • Last Updated: 2/26/2018
    Contact: registry@apta.org